​  Do You Really Need a Ten-Ton Log Splitter?

​ Do You Really Need a Ten-Ton Log Splitter?

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 24th Aug 2021

Models producing 5 or 6 tonnes, whether petrol or electric, can usually handle logs up to 10 inches in diameter (provided the wood is not too hard and the grain is fairly straight).

You'll need a splitter that delivers 20 to 25 tonnes of splitting power for larger logs with diameters up to 24 inches or so.

Here at Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. We supply a comprehensive selection of mains- and petrol-powered Log Splitters from renowned manufacturers Hyundai along with a complete range of outdoor power equipment for use in yards and on farms

Log Splitters are mechanical axes that provide a safe and convenient alternative to cutting wood with a typical hand axe.

Powered log-splitters are also much faster at the work, reducing the amount of time you'll need to spend in the woodshed preparing logs for the wood-burning stove on those chilly winter evenings!

We have horizontal Log Splitters, which are ideal for most families, as well as vertical Log Splitters, which can handle a broader variety of log sizes and can fulfil more heavy-duty requirements.

Hyundai HYLS25000T 7hp 25 Tonne Horizontal Petrol Log Splitter

Hyundai's HYLS25000T horizontal/vertical log splitter has a splitting capacity of 25 tonnes. Ideal for cutting and sizing huge volumes of logs regularly and exactly. The Hyundai 7hp IC210 4-stroke petrol engine drives a wire wrapped hydraulic line to a heavy-duty 2-stage hydraulic pump fed by a big hydraulic oil tank, offering maximum splitting power to the toughest of logs.

With a 25-tonne splitting force and heavy-duty log catcher trays, the HYLS25000T petrol log splitter makes light work of even the toughest seasoned softwood, hardwood, and knotted logs.

Because of its rapid motion, the HYLS25000T is easy to manoeuvre and can simply be hooked to an all-terrain vehicle for off-road towing. Ideal for garden tractors with a 90-degree swivel drawbar stand, 50mm ball hitch, and pneumatic tyres.

The horizontal design keeps the wood at a convenient working height, but it can also be used vertically to split huge logs at ground level.

A single quick-release catch is used to change the dividing function from horizontal to vertical.

Built with safety in mind, the HYLS25000T has a two-hand operation that keeps your hands and arms away from the splitting mechanism.

The operator controls the return stroke, so it only needs to be returned to the proper position to fit the size of the log being split.

HYLS25000T Log Splitter and User Manual are included in the box. There is some basic assembly necessary. Hyundai offers a three-year platinum warranty.

Note! (On-road towing is not possible with this machine.)

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