​  What exactly is EN ISO 13688?

​ What exactly is EN ISO 13688?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd - Authorised Dealers for Hyundia Power Products & Portwest Workwear in the UK on 18th Nov 2021

EN ISO 13688 - Protective Clothing defines ISO 13688?

What is the International Standards Organization's (ISO) mission?

This global nongovernmental organisation is made up of national standards bodies worldwide that implement a range of similar, regionally adapted standards that have the same core criteria but differ slightly due to regulatory differences from country to country. One of its many essential requirements is safeguarding employees from injuries as much as possible.

The standard sets broad and defined performance standards for protective clothing in aspects of ergonomics, innocuousness, size designation, ageing, compatibility, and marking, including the information the manufacturer must include with the protective clothing.

These standards agreed must be used in conjunction with other standards which specify exact performance requirements.

When choosing protective clothing for your company, consider the following:

a) Manufacturer's name, trademark, or other means of identification.

b) The product's codec or commercial name. According to EN 3635, a pictogram and size designation is needed.

d) Inclusion of a reference to the EU protective clothing standard.

e) On the PPS GLOVES, a symbol depicting the hazard the product is supposed to protect the wearer from and the product's performance level.

f) EN 3758-compliant composition, care, and washing directions using care symbols.

a) The manufacturer's name and address b) The notified body's name and address (PPE categories 2 and 3) c) A reference to the proper EU protective gear standard.

d) A symbol depicting the specific hazard that the product is designed to address as well as the product's level of performance.

e) The material composition of the product.

f) Safety checks that must be performed before use, the product's purpose, restrictions (e.g., how long the product can be used in given working conditions), and storage, maintenance, and cleaning instructions for the wearer.

Portwest is dedicated:

To adhere to the current Health, Safety, and Welfare Act, the Environmental Protection Act, and other European Acts, regulations, policies, and laws.

To raise awareness of health, safety, and the environment throughout the organisation.

To provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, with facilities appropriate for the firm's nature.

Ensure that all of our suppliers follow the standards specified in our Ethical Trading Code of Conduct to the letter.

To reduce the company's social effect and avert environmental damage through frequent business assessments based on environmental and management system audits.

  • The materials' innocuousness (non-harmful) to the wearer.
  • Clothing ergonomic needs, such as comfort, weight, and design factors.
  • How wear and tear affect product performance (e.g., colour alteration, cleaning, and changes in dimension).
  • Sizing is based on height, chest, and waist circumferences are standardised to EN 3635, as stated in the sizing pictogram on each product's label. The EN ISO 13688 standard says that size intervals should not be defined but rather "flexible."
  • Labels must be clear and readable, written in the destination country's official language, and contain the following information:
  • The following information must be included in the wearer's instructions and written in the official language of the nation to which the products are being shipped:

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