​  WHAT IS EN 343?

​ WHAT IS EN 343?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 19th Nov 2021

EN343 is a European standard that applies to clothing used in inclement weather. This standard shows standards and test procedures for protective garment materials and seams while exposed to precipitation (e.g., rain, snowflakes), fog, and ground humidity.

Why was it introduced?

When it comes to dealing with the weather, workers must have the proper level of protection. The difference between a garment made of water-resistant fabric and one that has been manufactured, tested, and certified as waterproof apparel is significant. Some "water-resistant apparel" will merely supply modest rain protection. Water repellent garments may have been treated to bead water off the surface, but they may not have protection in locations such as zips, seams, and pockets.

The first (X) assesses the item's capacity to defend against precipitation, fog, and humidity, while the second (Y) assesses the item's breathability in those situations. They are then ranked in these two categories on a scale of one to three, with three being the highest amount of protection and one signifying the lowest. As seen here:

This standard also analyses strength and tear resistance, as waterproof clothing must be durable to maintain its efficiency and withstand a full day's labour.

EN343 Garments: How to Care for Them

When not in use, store your workwear in a dry, well-ventilated area to extend its lifespan. To maintain optimal protection, it is recommended that you inspect your workwear for wear and tear on a regular basis.

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