5 Ways to Use a Trencher

5 Ways to Use a Trencher

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 3rd Sep 2021

Have you ever considered that a trencher may be used in other ways? Sure, it digs a trench, but did you know there are added applications for this type of equipment? Learn how to use a trencher in five different ways for your next construction project with this article.

What Is a Trencher, exactly?

Trenchers are earthmoving machines that rip into the ground with a metal chain with high-strength steel teeth, much like a chainsaw might into a tree. A trencher, like an excavator, tears up the dirt and any roots in the way to dig a trench. Hand-digging a trench can take several hours and multiple workers. Trenchers can reduce the time and number of employees needed to complete a project with the use of a trencher.

Trenchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Trenchers come in two types: walk-behind and ride-on. Walk-behind trenchers, also known as portable trenchers, allow you to dig trenches in tighter spaces. When compared to walk-behind trenchers, ride-on trenchers supply better performance and cover greater digging depths.

Trenchers can be rented in two different types: wheel trenchers and chain trenchers.

Wheel trenchers are trenchers with a toothed metal wheel that can be used in both hard and soft soils. Wheel trenchers are best used in locations with many rock formations.

Trenchers, sometimes known as rock wheels, cut pavement and provide utility companies with access beneath highways. They have six to eight cutting components arranged around the wheel, allowing the wheel to cut at different depths. Excavated materials are moved away from the trench's borders by spacers and ejectors.

Trenchers with a chainsaw-like design are known as chain trenchers. It cuts the earth with a digging belt or chain. Its belt wraps around a metal frame known as a boom, which may be simply adjusted to alter the cut depth. Its bucket-type excavator aids in the cutting of tough ground. Chain trenchers can cut narrow and deep trenches for utility companies due to their flexibility.

Cutting Pavement Using a Trencher

Cut through rock, pavement, or concrete with wheel trenchers. Wheel trenchers can be used in challenging ground conditions and produce clean, straight trenches. They're also great for patching and replacing joints on highways, streets, and interstates.

Drainage Design By using chain trenchers to make drainage trenches for water or sewage runoff, you can save money and time by not having to dig many feet of dirt. You can run sprinkler or irrigation plumbing underground after digging up the dirt with a portable trencher.


Perhaps you're a homeowner who wants to avoid hours of agonising shovelling that leaves your hands scorched. A smaller walk-behind trencher can reduce the amount of time it takes to carry out a job. Dig 3 to 4 feet deep with this smaller version.

Electrical Wires are being dug up.

Chain trenchers can be used from the power pole to the dwelling to dig underground for electrical or telecommunication wires. Wire for electric dog fence or landscape lights could also be placed in trenches. The excavated items are removed by the trencher's conveyor belt. Using a trencher reduces the time it takes to dig the trench, allowing you to spend more time anchoring the wires in place.


Portable trenchers have a blade that works as a rotational lawn mower blade and severs roots in addition to cutting concrete and forming rows in the soil. Hold the trencher's chain blade in place while the blade rotates if you come across roots while working the dirt. Allow the blade to slowly advance and cut through the roots.

Use Extreme Caution

Trenchers should not be used in regions where rocks are present.

The equipment's teeth are incapable of cutting through solid rock or places with rock-like sediments. Shards of metal can become caught in torn teeth, causing issues with the machinery. Furthermore, before you begin digging, you should check with the local utility companies to see if the area is safe to dig in.

Although trenchers can be used for a range of building tasks, it is preferable to rent rather than own these devices. You may then be certain that you have the greatest one for all of your requirements.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Trench Warfare (machine) Trenchers are earthmoving equipment that use a metal chain with high-strength steel teeth to rip into the ground, like how a chainsaw would cut down a tree. To dig a trench, a trencher, like an excavator, breaks up the ground and any roots in the way. A trench can take several hours and multiple employees to dig by hand.

The Hyundai 420cc/14hp Petrol Trencher

The HYTR150 is an extremely powerful petrol trencher from Hyundai, powered by the IC420 420cc / 14hp 4-stroke Hyundai engine, the HYTR150 can dig trenches 600mm deep quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Ideal For Restricted Access SitesWeighing 185kg, the HYTR150 ground trencher is great for laying pipes, cables, and drainage. It is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its large adjustable handlebars and heavy-duty pneumatic tyres. Ideal for jobs where access is restricted allowing the operator to dig a trench at any location, the HYTR150 at 720mm wide, can fit through a standard garden gate.

3 Cutting Heights

Built to make tough trenching faster and less demanding the cutting bar can be adjusted to 3 cutting depths upto 600mm deep and can dig upto 60m per hour. The soil is cleared from the chain area by a side mounted auger. The wheel brake and engine throttle are controlled directly from the handlebars for maximum comfort and control.

Professional use

Suitable for professional garden maintenance, drainage, construction and serious DIY enthusiasts the HYTR150 ensures you will never struggle with back breaking and time-consuming trenching again like digging by hand. The HYTR150 garden trencher is fitted with a ‘dead-man’ engine shut down safety switch for maximum safety.

27 Teeth

The 27 replaceable teeth, tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide which is 10 times harder than steel and can dig trenches within seconds.

Low Service and Maintenance

With low service and maintenance requirements, the HYTR150 is incredibly user-friendly, and has full Hyundai UK parts back up.

Warranty: Covered by Hyundai UK 3 Year Platinum Warranty.

Key Features

  • 420cc / 14hp Hyundai heavy duty 4-stroke engine.
  • Two large pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Wheel brake and engine throttle controlled directly from the handle bars.
  • 600mm digging depth (adjustable in 3 steps).
  • 27 Tungsten Carbide Alloy Teeth - 10 times stronger than steel.
  • Easy lift handles.

Covered by Hyundai UK 3-year platinum warranty.

Full UK service and parts operation to keep your trencher for years to come.

Free UK shipping, excellent customer service, backed up by the Hyundai world renowned reputation, excellent warranty terms, great customer feedback. Great Prices.

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