About Portwest Workwear

About Portwest Workwear

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 8th Dec 2021

About Portwest Workwear, Portwest workwear UK. Learn more about Portwest workwear available for purchase. High quality and reliable workwear for sale UK. Find out more.

Portwest is a leading global manufacturer and innovator of workwear, safety clothing, and personal protective equipment PPE and are a leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality affordable workwear, clothing based in Westport, Ireland that specialise in the manufacture of protective clothing and staff uniforms.

Some of the items they manufacture are high visibility clothing, flame retardant coveralls, safety footwear and a range of PPE (personal protective equipment).

When was Portwest Founded? 

Mr Charles Hughes founded Portwest in 1904 in Westport, Ireland, where he first launched his modest workwear company. Today, Portwest is the world's fastest-growing workwear firm, with over 4,200 employees and a €200 million annual sales, as well as a global distribution network and customer service representatives in over 130 countries.

The Hughes family's third generation is still in charge of Portwest today, the Hughes grand-nephews – Owen, Harry and Cathal – are at the helm of this extraordinary successful corporation.

Protective Clothing

The company’s protective clothing is now widely used in the mining, building and security industries. In an average year, Portwest has about 1,200 products for sale. It adds 150-200 new items and culls a similar number every year.

The company initially opened a factory in Barnsley in Yorkshire as it sought to hold on to the local facilities in what was a rapidly changing market.

Portwest has a team of world-class designers who specialise in flame-resistant and high-visibility workwear, hand and foot protection, PPE, and wearable technologies, and employs over 4,500 people worldwide.

With an award-winning team, market experts in safety, is continually investigating the newest trends and innovations to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Their 700-page catalogue is available in 28 languages and includes over 1350 safety styles, making it a "one-stop-shop" for all safety needs.

In a climate-conscious world, that includes responding to a desire for sustainability. Portwest only works with companies that can prove they are sustainably producing their fabric, reducing chemical use and wastewater.

Portwest have sales offices in 6 global locations:







In addition, customer service representatives in 130 countries ensure that exceptional customer service is never far away. Furthermore, Portwest operates six international warehouses:


2.United Kingdom

3.United States


5.United Arab Emirates


With a 97 percent line fill rate, always ensuring outstanding stock levels. In a sector where safety is crucial, Portwest offers a no-risk proposition.

It has warehouses in:

  • America
  • Dubai
  • Poland
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Australia

and recently opened a second factory in Bangladesh, a new one in Myanmar and acquired two Australian companies, Prime Mover Workwear and Huski.

It can deliver orders to clients quickly since it has so many warehouses in so many areas. As a result, the company did not wait for the Brexit issue to be settled before expanding its warehouse in Poland from 2,800 to 14,000 square metres.

Portwest own four ultra-modern factories in:

  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Italy
  • Albania

allowing them to maintain complete control over their superior quality, lead times, and ethical sources. Portwest has a well-deserved reputation for technical expertise, meticulous execution, and attention to style and detail. Customers expect consistent colours, fabric qualities, a good fit, and competitive price.

With an eye for detail, Portwest announce they are moving slightly away from industrial to more urban designs, something which Portwest customers love, and which also binds the loyalty between customer and company. 

The Portwest principle is to provide customers with the best products, best designs and best value for money. The company endeavours to make their products in such a way that customers keep returning time after time.


PORTWEST are proud to be associated and accredited with the following members: 


Portwest safety products are tested and certified to the following standards by independent test houses:

• European
• US
• Australian
• New Zealand

Our products are certified to international standards including:

• EN


Portwest is a member of the leading safety industry research and technology centres:
• Satra
• UL


Portwest control and manage their activities to ensure risks to ethical and legal requirements are identified and action taken to eliminate or minimise their effects.

Portwest are committed:

  • To comply with its legal obligations under the current Health, Safety and Welfare Act,
  • Environmental Protection Act and other European Acts, regulations, policies and laws.
  • To promote health, safety and environmental awareness throughout the organisation.
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, with adequate facilities appropriate to the nature of the business activities.
  • To ensure all suppliers fully comply with the principles outlined in our Ethical Trading Code of Conduct.
  • Download the latest Portwest Peak Protection Catalogue here
  • To minimise the social impact of the company activities and avoid damage to the environment through regular reviews of the business from environmental and management systems audits.


    Portwest factories are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified.

    Customers can be assured all Portwest products are manufactured ethically and responsibly

    with justifiably negative attention on sweatshops, Portwest ensure their Bangladesh factory is WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) approved and proudly boast that they are one of only two companies out there that has it.

    Wearable Technology by Portwest

    Who would have guessed that bordering on 120 years after the humble origins of a little firm, the world would be so different? Mr Charles Hughes' workwear business based in County Mayo on Ireland's West Coast, would be equipped with cutting-edge tracking gadgets.

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