​Air Compressors

​Air Compressors

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 12th Oct 2021

The piece of equipment we all use of everyday use we all take for granted. The functionality of the domestic and industrial refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners all use air compressors to cool the air. Air compressors are fitted in vehicle engines for heating and cooling also used in air brakes for larger trucks and trains. We have all heard the hissing sound when the lorry applies the brakes.

Will an air compressor explode?

When considering buying an air compressor, the most common question is, will my air compressor blow up?

The unfortunate answer is yes. Like most mechanical devices, wear and tear is the biggest culprit. Some air compression explosions by corrosion of the compressor tank can be easily avoided by monitoring and regular servicing the compressor and its essential components, such as the electric motor, pump, and the vertical or horizontal receiver.

Will an air compressor make balloons float?

Fortunately, yes! Gone are the days when inflating party balloons would take hours, laboriously blowing up the celebratory inflatable decorations. Then along came the time saving air compressor. A balloon air compressor includes a small tank of compressed air and one or two small nozzles. Choose the nozzle correct nozzle to insert into the opening of a balloon, and once you turn on the compressor, the balloons will inflate spontaneously, that is, if of course, there is no hole in them!

Will an air compressor blow up a pool?

Similar to the balloon question, to blow up an inflatable pool or any other type of inflatable using an air compressor, you will need the correct size nozzle size for the compressor to fit the valve on the pool or inflatable item. The preferred type of air compressor to conduct this task is ideally an electric one. Some air compressors come with attachments, but you need one that will open the air inlet valve wide enough to fill the inflatable pool and or the inflatable item.

The best types of air compressor for inflating pools and other inflatable items are electric ones. There are many Electric air compressors in the market place most are lightweight and hence easy to carry. You can easily find and shop for them online or in sports stores.

When will the air compressor shut off?

Suppose an air compressor has a functioning compressor pressure switch that is installed in the compressor, as most air compressors do, such as the …. In that case, the device should shut off automatically when the pressure reaches a certain level depending on the desired PSI range, whether it is from 40 – 175 Pound per Square Inch (PSI).

Will any air compressor work with an airbrush?

Any air compressor will work with an airbrush. However, the low noise level piston compressor is the most common choice for airbrushing, as it produces a higher air volume than the diaphragm compressor.

Will a bad air compressor affect the engine?

A bad or damaged compressor can potentially be highly hazardous. For example, suppose the compressor’s bearing is faulty or damaged. In that case, the engine could seize due to the broken compressor, which may then result in an undoubtedly severe outcome, especially if you are travelling at speed. The vehicle shuts down, you no longer have the power steering facility, which may affect the brake booster function ability.

Why is the air compressor not working?

There are many reasons why the air compressor does not work, from the simple diagnostic of checking the power supply to the most common reason: a defective reed valve.

If it is an electric air compressor, check that the mains switch is on and the electric plug socket is functioning correctly. It may be that the plug has not been inserted correctly. The most common reason for the lack of a compressor to achieve adequate pressure is a defective reed valve. Compressor reed valves are thin steel flaps attached to the valve plate. The action of the reed valve is to allow refrigerant to travel into and then out of the cylinder as the piston/s moves up and down the cylinder.

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