Blackouts - Power Outages - What would you do?

Blackouts - Power Outages - What would you do?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd - Authorised Dealers for Hyundia Power Products & Portwest Workwear in the UK on 8th Jan 2022

Blackouts - Power Outages - What would you do?

Currently, there is a high demand for our Hyundai standby generators. We also see an increase in demand for our transfer switches, briefly described below.

What exactly is a standby backup generator?

Transfer Switches

A standby generator differs from a portable power generator which is a much smaller piece of equipment that must be manually fuelled and linked to electrical networks by an extension cable.

A standby backup generator is an engine enclosed in a box the size of an air conditioner condenser permanently positioned outside a home.

Hyundai standby generators run on diesel fuel and are linked directly into a house's circuits through a transfer switch. Thus, if there is a power outage, they may be turned on manually or automatically in seconds and remain on until standard power is resumed.

Personally, I decided to choose the Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) because it was the most cost-effective way of ensuring a safe installation. Sure, it requires me to go out and start the generator manually, but it has saved me £'s, so it is well worth that little bit of effort when the power goes out!

Standby Diesel Generators

Customers who have installed standby generators report that it provides them with peace of mind when the electricity goes out.

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