Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 15th Sep 2021

Another often asked topic is, "What is the difference between hot water and a cold-water pressure washer cleaning machine?"

Hot Water

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, a hot water pressure washer is a tremendous time-saver as it produces faster results and takes less time to dry.

Hot water quickly loosens the afflicted region, such as hardened chewing gum embedded in a cobblestone driveway, allowing for a quick clean. The short drying period allows the surface to be used sooner, saving up to 35% of the time.

Using hot water produces an excellent cleaning method and dramatically decreases the presence of germs without the use of disinfectants.

Thus contributes to environmental protection while also conserving money and resources.

You may get the same cleaning result while still preserving delicate surfaces by utilizing a reduced working pressure.

Despite being more expensive to purchase and requiring more frequent service (because of their greater complexity) than a similar Cold Water Pressure Washer, a Hot Water Pressure Washer's improved efficiency lowers labour and detergent expenses.

Cold Water

Coldwater allows for optimum mobility for those cleaning chores that need on-the-go transportation. Cold water pressure washers are great for the dirt removal. A cold-water pressure washer will not clean as well as a hot-water pressure washer if the surface you are washing is contaminated with oil or grease.

Coldwater pressure washers clean well by employing a high-impact cleaning philosophy. The higher the flow rate, the faster dirt is flushed away, and regions are rinsed clean.

Cold Water Pressure Washers are ideal for quick cleaning chores since they are lightweight, easy to carry, need little storage space, and are simple to set up.

They can also be less expensive to service and purchase than a Hot Water Pressure Washer.

However, cleaning operations that need a thorough cleaning depend more on detergents, making Hot Water Pressure Washers the less expensive alternative in the long run.

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