Laboratory Coats

Laboratory Coats

Posted by Helen Wood on 6th Feb 2022

To protect against accidental spills or contact, lab coats and the appropriate type and size of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn whenever working in laboratories, clinical areas, and patient care environments.

Laboratory coats are a necessity for anyone working in a laboratory, including:

  • Employees
  • Visitors
  • Students
  • Staff Members
  • ... Who are in contact with:

  • Clinical specimens
  • Handling biological, chemical, or radiological materials and waste
  • Handling human blood, tissue, cell lines

  • Our Most Popular Laboratory Coat

    Portwest Howie Coat - Texpel Finish C865

    View our Portwest Howie Laboratory Coat - Texpel Finish C865

    The Howie Coat has various clever design features. Knitted cuffs offer protection. Two lower extra patch pockets provide easy storage and a left chest pocket allows for easy access. The garment is protected with a Texpel water and dirt repellent finish. Remember, we can personalise your laboratory coat. We have an embroidery service - so we can add your logo, name, etc. on to your lab coats! Simply ask for a quote, add your notes to your order and send us your logo by email. You'll receive your personalised lab coat in 10 to 14 days,

    Applications for Laboratory Coats

    When correctly used lab coats:

  • Protect the skin and personal clothing from accidental contact and small splashes.
  • Prevent contamination from spreading outside the lab (provided they are not worn outside the lab.)
  • Provide a removable barrier in a hazardous substance spill or splash.
  • Lab Coat Restrictions

    In general, protective clothing, including lab coats, should not be used as a replacement for engineering controls such as a fume hood, glove box, process enclosure, and so on, or as a replacement for good work practises and personal hygiene.

    For significant chemical handling, lab coats must be supplemented with additional protective clothing, such as a rubber or vinyl apron for handling large quantities of corrosives or hydrofluoric acid or chemical-resistant coveralls for complete body protection.

    Using engineering controls such as fume hoods, on the other hand, does not eliminate the need for proper PPE, including lab coats.

    Our Most Popular Lab Coat for Women

    View our Portwest Standard Women's Coat LW63

    Stylish and practical, this Standard Ladies Coat with concealed stud front offers maximum comfort all day. Aimed at a wide variety of work environments, features include one chest pocket, two side pockets and darts to complete the fitted, tailored look. Looking for personalised lab coats for women with your own business logo embroidered on to your coat? Ask us for a quote then add the notes to your order of what you'd like and send us your logo by email. You'll receive your personalised lab coat in 10 to 14 days.

    Types of Laboratory Coats

    For laboratories and clinical settings, four types of laboratory coats are available.

    Flame-Resistant Laboratory Coats

    Flame-resistant laboratory coats offer additional protection against flash fires. These coats must be worn when working with pyrophoric materials or performing other high-risk operations.

    Knit-Wrist Laboratory Coats

    Traditional white laboratory coats with knitted cuffs for workers concerned about their work hampered by the open sleeve.

    Traditional Laboratory Coat

    White laboratory coats in the traditional style.

    Fluid-Resistant Laboratory Coat

    In the event of an accidental spill/splash, fluid-resistant laboratory coats provide increased protection against organic materials, blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

    Embroidery Service for Laboratory Coats

    Embroidery Service

    Use our specialist embroidery service and receive a personalised service every time. We will provide you with the most competitive price without compromising on quality and guarantees a rapid turnaround.

    Step 1: Place your order by choosing from our wide choice of workwear on our website.

    Step 2: Provide a detailed list of what you would like to be printed on each item. (For instance, logo only or logo with employee's name and any letters after their name; their required size along with the numbers required for each individual.)

    Step 3: Send us your logo. We will digitise your logo and ensure you're happy with the sample (via email) before completing the entire order.

    Step 4: We will send your finished garments to you within 10-14 days after placing your order.

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