Power Outage

Power Outage

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 15th Oct 2021

Are you Prepared If the Power Goes Out?

Power outages can be caused by much more than a lack of lights or air conditioning. Blackouts can also cause medical services to be disrupted, pharmacies to close, and life-threatening circumstances to arise. Major blackouts produced by large-scale disasters typically persist significantly longer than the usual blackout.

Prepare to go without power for days rather than hours. Here's what you'll need to survive an extended power outage besides a candle!


We have a choice of Standby Generators from the Hyundai 6kW Diesel Generator. From JUST £1,336.66 ex. VAT

The DHY8000SELR backup generator has a maximum output of 6kW and is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled D452 Hyundai diesel engine. It uses the same AVR alternator that generates renewable energy. Although it will not be able to power everything, it will allow more vital home equipment to continue operating in the case of a power outage caused by the National Grid failing.

Alternatively the Hyundai 22kW/27.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator | DHY22KSEm at £6,731.66 ex. VAT

Using its powerful 22kW/27.5kVA output with a single phase supply, this diesel generator would be sufficient for powering a large home or office, or a number of site cabins on a building site. Running at 1500rpm, it is a low-stress generator with a long lifespan because the engine rev rate is approximately half that of a normal diesel generator of this size.

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