​Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd of Penistone - Approved Hyundai Dealers in Yorkshire

​Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd of Penistone - Approved Hyundai Dealers in Yorkshire

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 19th Sep 2021

Browse online and buy from a wide range of Hyundai Power Products; our online showroom offers a vast range of lawn and power equipment and much more. Pressure Pump Solutions, together with Hyundai, show you some of the most incredible low-cost bargains accessible online, thanks to our significant discounts. We offer a vast selection of generators to keep your home, company, construction site, or RV / Campervan powered.

With power outages becoming more prevalent in the United Kingdom, it is fast becoming an essential investment to keep your business working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our range of open frame petrol generators for sale is a cost-effective choice for keeping power tools and equipment powered on-site throughout the working day in both small and large-scale construction and commercial applications. Buy a generator online and receive FREE UK Delivery and excellent warranty terms.

Petrol Driven Generators

Inverter Generators

Hyundai 100kW/125kVA Three Phase Diesel Generator

Hyundai 68kW/85kVa Three Phase Diesel Generator

Hyundai 10kW/12.5kVA 230v Mains Standby Silenced Diesel Generator

Hyundai Garden Machinery
The Hyundai Garden machinery line has something for every gardening activity, from lawnmowers and grass trimmers to chainsaws and leaf blowers.

Our range of lawnmowers includes 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol versions in the line. Check out our brand new 60v lithium-ion battery range that allows for safe, clean, and environmentally friendly gardening without the need for petrol, wires, or pollutants.

The Hyundai range of petrol lawnmowers quickly becomes the UK's best-selling lawnmowers due to their tried and proven Hyundai petrol engines and sturdy construction. In contrast, our new corded electric lawnmowers are excellent for people with smaller lawns or looking for a low-maintenance mower at a fantastic price. Search and buy Hyundai lawnmowers and machinery online and receive FREE UK Delivery.

Pressure Washers
Our pressure washer range delivers the most significant cleaning results, whether you need a petrol or diesel type. Our portable pressure washers make it simple to clean in areas without access to mains power. They're fitted with world-renowned Annovi Reverberi pumps, making all the difference in cleaning quality and dependability. Buy pressure washers online to receive the best prices, including FREE UK Delivery and warranty terms.

Engine Driven Pumps
Please browse our range of petrol and diesel water pumps for large-scale professional and agricultural usage, as well as flood protection.

  • Diesel Driven Diaphragm Pumps
  • Electric Powered Diaphragm Pumps
  • Petrol Driven Diaphragm Pumps
  • Diesel Clean & Black Water Engine Driven Pumps
  • Diesel High Pressure Engine Driven Pumps
  • Diesel Thermoplastic Engine Driven Pumps
  • Diesel Trash Duty Electric Start Engine Driven Pumps
  • Diesel Trash Duty Recoil Start Engine Driven Pumps
  • Domestic/Industrial Engine Driven Pumps 1"
  • Villiers Powered Equipment
  • Petrol Clean & Black Water Engine Driven Pumps
  • Petrol High Pressure Engine Driven Pumps
  • Petrol Trash Duty Engine Driven Pumps
  • Semi Trash Duty Engine Driven Pumps
  • Thermoplastic Self Priming Pump Honda Engine Powered

Submersible Pumps
We also supply a broad range of electric submersible water pumps for small-scale household and gardening needs to larger models that pump vast volumes of water and sewage. Our submersible pumps for sale online include Next Day Delivery.

  • 110v & 230v Single phase Submersibles
  • 3 Phase Submersibles
  • 3" & 4" Contractor Pumps
  • Budget Dirty Water Pumps
  • Budget Pumps
  • Residue Pumps (Puddle Suckers)
  • Dreno Submersible Pumps

Hyundai air compressors come in various types, from those designed for hobbyists to those designed to meet the most stringent industry standards. Choose from belt drive, direct drive, petrol engine, or rotary screw air compressors to power your air tools. The Hyundai power tool range includes both corded electric and cordless lithium-ion battery versions to make DIY and home improvement jobs as quick and easy as possible.

Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. These tools are inexpensive, easy to use. They will offer a professional finish every time with excellent warranty terms across the range of products. In Yorkshire are official distributors for the UK's Leading Pump and Pressure Washer manufacturers, including Hyundai Power Equipment, V-TUF, and Buffalo Bowsers, the Trailer Mounted Jet Pressure Washer brand.

Whether you are looking for a pump for your pond, pool, or a portable generator for your campervan, a pressure washer for your cleaning business, or an oil-free no noise air compressor for your garage or car repair business. Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd Offer Next Day Free Shipping the Best Deal at the Lowest Prices.

Finance Equipment
You can now buy your equipment on finance; Pressure Pump Solutions work with Johnson Reed, who sources the absolute best finance packages for our customers. They will do all the work involved in getting your finance approved and the funding put in place. Johnson Reed of Stockport is authorised and regulated by the FCA to deal with non-limited companies' financial needs and requests. Click here to receive a quote

Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. Approved Hyundai Dealer 

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