Reflective Fire-Resistant Clothing - Hi-Vis Flame Resistant Clothing

Reflective Fire-Resistant Clothing - Hi-Vis Flame Resistant Clothing

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd - Authorised Dealers for Hyundia Power Products & Portwest Workwear in the UK on 21st Dec 2021

Pressure Pump Solutions LTD. believe it’s important that our clients and potential customers have the facts as well as all the information they need at their fingertips when it comes buying their workwear and PPE from us.

When you're at work, you should take every care to guarantee your and your co-workers’ safety. While adequate training and danger assessments go a long way toward preventing accidents, some hazards are inevitable. When you work in a hazardous environment, you need all the help you can get to keep safe.

The tasks that expose workers to multiple types of risks at the same time are perhaps the most dangerous. Workers who are performing tasks that pose a risk of burns in low-light settings, for example, must fight with a slew of hazards to complete the task. They cannot be looking over their shoulders for approaching vehicles when welding or repairing an electrical cable. Instead, these employees wear a special combination of flame-resistant (FR) high-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE).

Across many industries, Portwest acknowledges that workers are exposed to heat hazards as well as the disadvantage of invisibility. To help these workers prevent injury, Portwest offers a variety of hi-vis FR apparel that protects them from burns while also allowing them to be seen. Their high-vis Flame Resistant materials are designed to keep you protected and at ease while completing your job.

Hi-Vis Flame Resistant Clothing

We'll go over why hi-vis FR protection is so important, as well as some of our best-selling hi-vis flame-resistant alternatives.

Do you work in an occupation where flame-resistant clothing is needed? Those in the utility and oil and gas industries are aware of the significance of flame-resistant protection. They work in areas where there are a lot of flames. Workers in the oil and gas industry, for example, are constantly at risk of fire and explosions due to the possibility of flammable well gases and vapours igniting. Electrical workers are at risk of being burned by electric arc flashes, which can reach temperatures of up to 35,000°F.

Flash fire, arc flash, and open flame risks can all be avoided by wearing flame-resistant clothing. When exposed to flame, FR clothing is meant to self-extinguish, decreasing the severity of burns and allowing employees to flee. It also doesn't melt and acts as a thermal barrier against heat. While no clothing is completely fireproof, flame-resistant PPE reduces the quantity and severity of burn injuries significantly.

Flame resistant clothing is especially crucial in industrial settings where people are exposed to potentially deadly fires. Welders, for example, deal with burns from sparks, flames, and hot splatter daily. Flash flames, explosions, and flammable chemicals are all hazards in the chemical manufacturing industry.

  • The dangers of flammable dust for pulp and paper workers.
  • Fires and explosions in the plastics industry.
  • Mines – flames and explosions, as well as visibility requirements.
  • Plant fire caused by ammonium nitrate in fertiliser plants.
  • Refineries are prone to flash fires.
  • High-voltage power is used on railroads.
  • combustible materials in iron and steel works

The Importance of Wearing High-Visibility Clothes

When you work in an environment where there is a risk of poor light or when you are around motor vehicles, everything you do has an increased risk of not being noticed. That's why high-visibility attire is needed for many vocations, particularly for utility workers who work at night. When an emergency responder, traffic director, construction worker, or other similar type of worker's clothes blends with the surroundings, it's all too simple for them to get struck by a car.


Independent test houses have validated Portwest safety products to European, US, Australian, and New Zealand standards. International standards like as ANSI, AS/NZS, NFPA, ISO, and EN are used to certify their goods.
Did You Know? 
EN ISO 20471 is an international standard that requires personnel in high-risk situations to wear visible clothing. Using the proper safety gear is critical and must be prioritised. Even if working in places where visibility is critical only takes up a small part of the working day.

RIS-3279-TOM (previously GO-RT 3279) is a high visibility standard that exclusively applies to the rail industry in the United Kingdom, as contrast to other EN standards that apply to the entire EU. The goal is to make rail personnel on or near the trackside visible to trains approaching at high speeds or other traffic.

Other industries that require FR PPE that we feature on our FR Clothing page include:

Some occupations need flame-resistant clothes, while others demand high-visibility apparel, and still others need both. Portwest Safety Clothing supplies everything you need for your job. For this combination of protection, they make a variety of high-visibility FR garments.

ANSI visibility and recognised flame-resistant certifications are met by Porwests' Safety's hi-vis FR clothing. Our products are certified to international standards such as ANSI, AS/NZS NFPA, ISO, and EN.

The dedicated website page for each product has information on the individual standards that were evaluated. For Example Portwest FR Lightweight A/S Jacket FR601, FR401, FR31, FR71 - Hi-Vis Anti-Static Vest - Flame Resistant

Our hi-vis FR Flame Resistant clothes are designed to keep you safe from both open flames and low visibility threats. We have high-visibility FR rainwear and safety vests for a variety of high-risk occupations. In poor light or congested traffic, their vibrant colours and luminous stripes help you stand out.

PW3 Selection of Clothing

Our hi-vis Portwest rainwear is designed for workers whose jobs need them to work outside and are at danger of getting burned. When working with heat risks, any raincoat will not suffice, as most rainwear is made up of polymers that catch fire and melt. The hi-vis FR Flame Resistant rainwear from Portwests’ Safety has been tested and proven effective in the hardest industrial environments.

Portwest Safety has been a world leader in gloves, eyewear, and clothes for over a century. Portwest supplies solutions to occupational dangers on the factory floor, an oil rig, or a construction site. It's all part of our commitment to safeguarding individuals.

View a small selection of PW3 range here. PW370, PW343, PW340, PW308 and Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Stretch Holster Trouser PW306

Regardless of your sector, we can provide you with the personal protective equipment you require. If necessary, within 24 hours. (Subject to stock on hand at SOH)

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