Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Posted by Helen Wood on 13th Feb 2022

7 Things to Consider Before Beginning a Major Spring-Cleaning Project

Busy schedules can lead to falling into bad habits. Here's how to simplify your cleaning schedule to ensure your home stays spick and span! 

While household tasks are a hassle, we all want to finish them as quickly as humanly possible.

However, if you're spending more time at home, now is an excellent time to put on those gloves and give your house a good clean, just in time for Spring!

The solution is to follow a few helpful guidelines and stick with them, consequently making the task a doddle.

1. Be Realistic

You must agree, cleaning the entire house is a daunting task for anyone. So, don't try to finish it in a single day, or you'll feel defeated.

Decide on a room and stick to it. Complete this room before moving on to the next; this will give you a greater sense of accomplishment than darting from one room to the next.

For example, you could clean the living room and a bedroom over the weekend, but you don't have to set a time schedule; take as much time as you need.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

Switch on the radio listen to your favourite podcast; the time will soon pass if you have fun. If you work like this for a month, you'll have cleared out the entire house of clutter and grime.

2. Be Prepared or Not 2 be Prepared!

Just as a chef gathers all their ingredients, tools, and gadgets before cooking, you should do the same before beginning to clean.

Collect all the supplies you intend to use during the cleaning task and have them at hand; this will save valuable time running back and forth between rooms and the kitchen cupboard. Investing in a cleaner’s caddy works wonders when moving from room to room.

If you have the space, organise your cleaning supplies by room, such as bathroom, kitchen, and living room/bedroom/hallway supplies. Assemble your cleaning force for the task or room at hand.

The PPS essentials include:

Rubber gloves - Pressure Pump Solutions stock a range of fantastic heavy duty rubber gloves for chemical protection.

Portwest Neoprene Chemical Gauntlet A820

Portwest Neoprene Chemical Gauntlet A820

This 38cm Neoprene rubber gauntlet provides protection against a wide range of acids caustics alcohols and many solvents. Anti slip pattern for good grip in wet and dry conditions. Cotton flock lining to absorb perspiration.

A cleaning cloth

Multi-surface polish

Multi-surface cleaning spray or multi-purpose dry wipes

Glass spray


Old toothbrush – for those hard-to-reach places

Floor cleaner

Mop and bucket

Wet floor warning signs - legally required if you're cleaning at a place of work! 

3. Keep it Green 

Looking for a less expensive or more environmentally-friendly option? Use kitchen cupboard items instead. 

Vinegar is excellent for removing limescale build-up from taps and shower screens. It's also excellent for cleaning windows. To make a scouring paste, combine half bicarbonate of soda and half water. It works wonders on stains on worktops, sinks, cookers, oven doors, and saucepans.

Lemon juice is an effective natural bleaching agent. They're great for cleaning chopping boards, for example. Simply rub it with fresh lemon (or the bottled stuff) and leave it overnight to remove stains from chopping boards. It is also helpful for removing rust stains. Also, to brighten your whites, add half a capful to your clothes wash load.

4.Before you begin cleaning, clear out all the clutter in the room

Bring a few bin liners or storage boxes with you to sort the items you want to keep, store, recycle, sell, donate to a charity shop, or chuck. Be brutally honest with yourself; you almost certainly need less than you have!

If possible, move all your clutter into a different room before you begin cleaning, so you don't have to move boxes and bags around.

5. Start at the top

Once you've decided on a room, start at the top such as ceiling lights and recesses and work your way down. Wiping the mantelpiece before the mirror, for example, will simply leave dust resettling on the clean surface, adding more work for yourself.

A handy order to remember is: Dust - Vacuum - Wash floor

6. Prevention is better than the cure

Try to develop good habits daily; you'll be glad you did in the long run. 

Sheets of old newspaper should be placed in the bottom of bin liners to absorb any liquids that may leak onto your bin.

Spray shower surfaces after each use to prevent limescale build-up. Make your own solution by filling an empty spray bottle halfway with water and half with distilled white vinegar.

To prevent mould from building up in the grouting around your tiles in the shower, remember to rinse the tiles and use a squeegee after every use! It only takes a minute but it will keep your grouting looking whiter for longer.

7. Make your gadgets do the hard work

You'll spend less time scrubbing if you clean the extractor fan filters or fridge shelves in the dishwasher - just make sure they're dishwasher safe!

Use your vacuum's tools, such as the crevice and upholstery tool, to make zipping around the house much more efficient.

A handy piece of equipment becoming increasingly popular with our commercial AND domestic clients these days is the Hyundai 1200W 3 IN 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

Hyundai 1200W 3 IN 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner | HYVI2512

Hyundai 1200W 3 IN 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner | HYVI2512

The HYVI2512 is a hardworking electric wet & dry vacuum cleaner from Hyundai Power Products. Powered by a 1200w by-pass air cooled Hyundai electric motor, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a massive 16 kpa suction power andis capable of the most demanding cleaning jobs.

How does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner work?

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can remove both liquid spills and dry dirt and dust from around your home or workshop. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners work by sucking up both wet and dry waste into a 25L stainless steel container and then separating the liquids and solids.

Powered by a 1200w air-cooled Hyundai electric motor, this vacuum cleaner has a massive 16kpa suction power and is capable of the most demanding cleaning jobs presented.

Impressive suction power means that the vacuum is capable of cleaning up liquids, dust, hairs, crumbs, small particles and larger debris... Resulting in a deep clean throughout!

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