Stay Safe, Be Seen, Stay Hi-Vis: A Guide For Horse Riders

Stay Safe, Be Seen, Stay Hi-Vis: A Guide For Horse Riders

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd - Authorised Dealers for Hyundia Power Products & Portwest Workwear in the UK on 7th Jan 2022

Stay Safe, Be Seen, Stay Hi-Vis: A Guide For Horse Riders

High visibility (or hi-vis) equipment should be an essential element of each rider's and horse owner's kit — regardless of the season.

It improves both horse and rider visibility on and off highways, including bridleways and in fields, reducing potentially dangerous situations from developing since you are spotted sooner.

High Visibility Vests

During the winter months, you will spend the majority of your time at the stables in the dark or in low light settings.

With less daylight available, you may find yourself mucking out in low-light situations or needing to turn out to bring your horse in in semi-dark conditions; you may even encounter a road or lane to navigate.

You and your horse must wear these vital safety equipment elements to provide motorists and other road users ample time to recognise and respond to your presence on the road.

So, now that winter has here, it's time to start thinking about Hi-Vis.

What exactly is Hi-Vis?

High visibility clothing improves visibility by reflecting various light sources.

It can help prevent accidents by making persons who wear it far more apparent to road users.

The kit is most usually seen in brilliant yellow, green, orange, and red.

We react most quickly to these colours because they are the most noticeable to the human eye.

How does high-visibility clothing work?

Hi-vis apparel is made up of two primary components: fluorescent material and retro-reflective bands (or tape).

Knowing how each material works will allow you to make an informed buying decision.

Fluorescent materials absorb ultraviolet light and re-emit it at a different wavelength.

This procedure gives the garment a 'glow' and distinguishes it from its surroundings.

This safety equipment is ideal for low-light situations such as twilight or morning.

However, it does not provide the same amount of security at night.

For night time safety, make sure you have retro-reflective bands on your clothing. These bands provide additional protection by reflecting light back to its source.

Car headlights, for example, will be reflected directly back to the driver, giving them more time to respond to your presence.

While there is no insurance obligation to wear Hi-Vis, KBIS suggests that you wear a coat or tabard with both components when on the road in any light circumstances.

It will increase your visibility and may even assist you with your insurance claim if you are involved in an accident.

The Advantages of Wearing Hi-Vis While Off-Roading

When hacking off-road, both the horse and the rider should wear high-visibility apparel.

Portwest Sealtex Ultra Bomber Jacket (Yellow) S498

Although it is not the primary purpose for donning your Hi-Vis before venturing out, you will be more visible to search teams if you are unlucky enough to have an accident while riding, especially useful during the winter months, when sub-zero temperatures can be lethal.

What are the products, and why?

Whislt horse riders are not required by law to wear bright visibility apparel. Nonetheless, it is in the rider's best interests to do so.

The BHS recommends that riders wear a high-vis jacket or tabard, and that the horse wear high-vis leg bands.

Consider the sorts of backgrounds in which you'll be riding before picking on a colour.

According to studies, yellow hi-vis is the most preferred colour for horse riders since it reflects the light that the human eye is most sensitive to.

Something worth considering when making your decision.

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