Uses for Industrial Water Pumps

Uses for Industrial Water Pumps

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 15th Sep 2021

Uses for Industrial Water Pumps

Water pumps are responsible for performing a surprising number of tasks that facilitate our daily lives, from our plumbing carrying water to and from our homes to drink and bathe to dazzling fountains which sit in the centre of our cities performing intricate dances with jets of water. Industrial water pumps are designed to provide high pressure fluid flow and to ensure consistency in the supply. You may be surprised at some of the less commonly known uses for industrial water pumps. Here we’ll break down a few examples of these, so you can see how industrial water pumps affect our lives!

Sewage Treatment

A sewage treatment pump is responsible for transferring sewage from one place to another, usually away from our homes and businesses towards treatment plants. Sewage pumps help prevent the overflowing of sewers and basements in the event of flooding and can even include rotary blades to prevent blockage.

Large Site Drainage

Site drainage is required when flooding has already occurred. This is common in places with a wide, flat area without adequate draining, which will allow water to build up until the site floods completely. Site draining pumps are an excellent way to quickly drain large volumes of water and so are perfect for emergencies! Site drainage pumps tend to be submersible, so they are placed under the water to operate.

Deep Foundation Piling

Water pumps are utilised in deep foundation piling to bore holes suitable for the installation of piles – long, vertical columns that will support the weight of a construction. Water must be blasted into the ground at huge pressures in order to bore the required size. Industrial water pumps in deep foundation piling helped reduce the disturbance to the surrounding soil when compared to traditional drilling or driving of piles.

Industrial water pumps come in a wide variety of designs suited to an array of different applications. If you’re interested in water pumps of any kind, check out our products today. We have everything from submersible pumps to engine driven. For the best pressure pump solutions Yorkshire has to offer, get in touch today!

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