​What can a Trailer Mounted Bowser Pressure Washer be used for?

​What can a Trailer Mounted Bowser Pressure Washer be used for?

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. on 9th Sep 2021

Trailer mounted pressure washers also known as a Trailer mounted bowser pressure washers are self-contained industrial cleaning machines used for on-site cleaning, for instance in quarries to clean the heavy industrial machinery, they are purpose built for all types of exterior cleaning.

They are powerful heavy duty pressure cleaning appliances that are independent of electrical and water supply, making them the ideal machine to solve difficult cleaning problems, such as car park cleaning, building exterior cleaning – restoration projects, and graffiti removal machinery in remote areas. Since 2018, Buffalo Bowsers has been developing industrial mobile cleaning systems.

Buffalo Bowser, made of solid components, is fully guaranteed to make you self-sufficient and productive on any industrial, construction, or agricultural site. Buffalo's pressure washer trailers are designed specifically for industrial and commercial applications that require hot or cold waterpower.

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