What do you wear for dog walking in winter?

What do you wear for dog walking in winter?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd - Authorised Dealers for Hyundia Power Products & Portwest Workwear in the UK on 7th Jan 2022

What is a base layer?
Base Layer top
Base Layer bottom
What does Wicking fabric mean?
What are the benefits of walking boots?

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

Any dog owner will tell you that one of their favourite aspects of owning a dog is going on walks with them. However, if you ask the same dog owners what their least favourite aspect of owning a dog is, they will almost certainly all say the same thing: dog walking, rain or shine.

Walking the dog is enjoyable at any time of year, but as summer draws to a close. The nights begin to draw in; it's essential to make sure you have a good coat or jacket to keep out the cold and rain so that you can get out with your dog walk without being cold or damp.

What should I look for in a dog walking jacket?

Choosing the best dog walking jacket is like purchasing any other coat. Here's a list of Factors to consider:

  • material
  • size
  • price
  • quality
  • style

However, there are several other considerations to keep in mind, such as:

Material - You need your coat to last and be breathable or have moisture-wicking properties. You will likely want something warm but that you can still use on warmer days and cold days.

Size - Bear in mind that coats generally come up big but also that you are likely to be wearing different layers to suit the weather. Your coat needs to fit over a t-shirt and a thick winter jumper.

Lining - A well-lined jacket will help with many of these factors, such as keeping you dry. Any lining should be well fitted to the jacket so that it isn't so tight that it will tear easily but isn't loose, leaving you getting lost inside it.

Durability and Quality: Check customer reviews that are bound to tell you if the jacket doesn't come up to scratch or doesn't last. They can also guide whether jackets come up true to size or not.

Base Layers

Another practical tip for staying warm when walking the dog in the winter is to start with the essential base layer.

What is a base layer?

A base layer is a layer that is nearest to your skin and should serve as a consistent "second skin" throughout the day. Base layers add a layer of warmth while absorbing and draining sweat, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Base layers are adaptable items of clothing that come in a variety of materials and designs with benefits that are best suited to particular climates and situations.

Base Layer Top

Portwest DX4 Winter Jacket DX460

The DX480-DX4 Zip Base Layer is ideal for dog walking.

The base layer top is lightweight and breathable, which assists with perfect body temperature control.

The high stretch, highly durable nylon fabric complements the body-mapped design. Offering raglan sleeves for fluid movement and comfort.

The entire front zip with chin guard has a rubber puller for easy grip. The zipped hand and chest pockets are ideal for securely storing smaller items.

DX480 - DX4 Zip Base Layer.


View additional Shell Fabric info:

92% Nylon, 8% Elastane 210g

Baselayer Bottoms

The DynamicAir Base Layer legging is made from an innovative moisture-wicking fabric that repels moisture away from the skin, with contrast stitching and seamless panelling for a modern design. The leggings are close-fitting for optimal wicking performance and suitable for multi-season use.

Portwest B171 - Dynamic Air Baselayer Leggings

Portwest DynamicAir Baselayer Legging B171


View Additional Shell Fabric Info:

60% Polyamide 35% Polyester 5% Elastane

What does Wicking Fabric mean?

Wicking textiles are advanced technical fabrics that absorb moisture and transport it away from the body. They're constructed of high-tech polyester, which absorbs relatively little water compared to cotton. As a result, cotton will absorb your sweat, making your garment heavy and damp.

What are the benefits of walking boots? 
Walking boots provide ankle support, typically over-the-ankle, and are often thicker, which can assist protect against ankle twists and sprains and other minor mishaps.

Walking our dogs is vital for keeping our four-legged pals happy and healthy. Still, it can also be challenging if you're not wearing appropriate footwear.

Portwest Steelite Hiker Boot S1P FW60

1. It's all about durability…

You may assume that you would not encounter challenging terrain; thus, you don't require the walking boots that experienced mountain climbers choose. Well, consider this: you're out there at least twice a day, which means you're pounding in as many miles as, if not more than, the typical weekend hiker - which means durability is paramount.

Many dog walkers fall into the trap of buying cheap inferior walking shoes or trainers, believing that it is cheaper to replace them every six months.

Many would say that this is a false economy, and it's best to invest in a more durable pair of boots from the start.

On the other hand, Boots last far longer and are significantly more cost-effective over time, exceptionally if adequately cared for.

2. …but don't forget about comfort

The other side of the durability issue is, of course, comfort. The flatter the terrain, the less comfortable a pair of walking boots will be since they are stiffer and heavier by nature than walking shoes. This is where lighter and more flexible walking shoes come in. Light boots, or mid-height boots, provide more ankle support than walking shoes but aren't any more durable.

3. Keep it clean…

Keeping your outdoor footwear clean is the most crucial aspect of extending its life. This simply means that you should do your best to remove any mud from your shoes and allow them to dry completely after each walk. If you're in a rush, NEVER dry your shoes near a heat source; instead, pack them with an absorbent kitchen roll to quicken the drying process.

4. …and deep-clean regularly

Walking boots. It is recommended that dog walkers completely clean and reproof them once a month. You should carry a spare pair of shoes, or even just some wellies, to use on dog walks while your shoes dry after becoming reproofed.

5. Let's not forget the other type of footwear!

Portwest Hiker Sock SK12

Good-quality walking socks are frequently ignored, but they're an essential component of your outdoor gear. They can make or break your comfort whilst walking – especially if you're a dog walker who is out in all weather.

For added comfort and longevity, look for socks with reinforcing (or, better yet, cushioning), especially in high-impact areas like the balls of your feet and heels, and renewing your walking socks at the same time as your footwear is always ideal.

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