WHAT IS EN 12492?

WHAT IS EN 12492?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 22nd Dec 2021


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So, what is EN12492?

It is critical to wear the appropriate head protection while at the workplace. To defend against various sorts of risk, it's critical to choose the correct style of helmet for the job. EN 397 and EN 12492 are two frequently used helmet standards with significant variances in performance requirements.

The intended use of these two head protection standards differs, resulting in distinct requirements. EN 397 defines the standards for industrial safety helmets, which primarily protect against falling objects, whereas EN 12492 describes the requirements for mountaineering helmets, which include the risk of swinging and repeated all-round impact.

EN 12492 is a standard for climbing helmets that is used in the athletic industry. Because there is no special technical standard for helmets for work at height, requirements for helmets to conform to the EN 12492 standard have grown increasingly common in the PPE market. This is provided by EN 12492. ThePortwest PS73 helmet completely conforms with EN 12492 (including chin strap standards) and is further tested for impact and penetration in accordance with EN397, as well as for optional requirements of resistance to extremely low temperatures (-30c).

EN 12492 – Helmets for mountaineers

Helmets that meet the mountaineering criteria are put through their paces with two 5kg strikers. By tilting theheadformto 30°, a hemispherical striker is dropped from 2m onto the crown of the helmet, and a flat striker is dropped from 0.5m onto the front, back, and side. The transmitted force through theheadform'sneck must not exceed 10kN in any case. Two penetration tests are also done within a 50mm radius of the helmet's crown with a 3kg pointed striker to ensure the striker does not contact theheadform.

Portwest Height Endurance Mountaineer Helmet PS73

Chin straps are mandatory for EN 12492 helmets. The retention system is tested to ensure the strap does not break or stretch when tested with a force of 500N.

Despite the fact thatthe standard refers to "mountaineering" helmets, EN 12492 helmets are also used for various types of work at height because of the type of protection they provide.

Different criteria apply to the harness or cradle in EN 12492 helmets, which must include an integral chin strap that does not break or stretch under stress. However, EN 397 helmets do not require a necessary chin strap, and an optional chin strap must break under a force of between 150N and 250N to limit the possibility of a wearer being hurt in an industrial environment by becoming stuck in equipment. An internal impact liner is also included in EN 12492 helmets to provide side impact protection.

Product Example: PS73

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