What is EN342?

What is EN342?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 22nd Dec 2021

Pressure Pump Solutions LTD. believe it’s important that our clients and potential customers have the facts as well as all the information they need at their fingertips when it comes buying their workwear and PPE from us.

So, what is EN342?

EN342 is a European standard that pertains to cold-weather clothing. This standard establishes a framework and test procedures for the performance of clothing ensembles (i.e.,two-piece suits/coveralls) in cold environments with temperatures of -5°C or below.

Clothing that has been certified in accordance with EN 342:2017 is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter. Working in chilly locations requires the use of appropriate apparel in order to be protected and warm. A cold environment is defined by a temperature of -5 °C or lower, which is measured not only in terms of air temperature, but also in terms of humidity and wind.

Even though the temperature is constant, if it is highly windy, you may require a higher degree of insulation. It's critical that your workwear keeps dry because its ability toprotect canbe compromised if it becomes damp.

This Portwest Waterproof Jacket is a popular option in a variety of sectors.

Featuring a drawstring hood, studded storm flap, and various storage pockets, this jacket is tough, functional, and full of features. 

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Portwest monitors and manages its operations to ensure that ethical and legal concerns are identified and that steps are made to remove or mitigate their impact.

Portwest is dedicated:

To adhere to the current Health, Safety, and Welfare Act, the Environmental Protection Act, and other European Acts, regulations, policies, and laws.

To raise awareness of health, safety, and the environment throughout the organisation.

To provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, with facilities that are appropriate for the nature of the firm.

To ensure that all of our suppliers follow the standards specified in our Ethical Trading Code of Conduct to the letter.

To reduce the company's social effect and avert environmental damage through frequent business assessments based on environmental and management system audits.

Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd are authorised by Portwest to promote and sell their range of Workwear and Safety Wear throughout the United Kingdom

The following Portwest styles are certified to EN 342: S427, S426, S768, S766, S765, RT27, C468, RT32, S266, S463, C465, C466, C467, S464, G465, C565, S434, S461, S460, RT30, RT34, R460, S467, S462, S360, S466, FR59, S433, CS10, S437, S686, S482, S489, CS11, FR58, CS12, S485, S585, FR53


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