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EN469 Is the European Standard that relates to protective clothing for firefighters.

This European Union standard proves the minimum performance standards for protective garments used in firefighting and related activities such as:

• rescue work
• help during a disaster

The standard specifies overall apparel design, minimum material performance standards, and test techniques for deciding these performance levels. Therefore, several garments would be used to check the correct performance levels.

Additionally, the standard covers the event of an accidental splash of chemical or flammable liquids. Still, it does not cover unique clothing for use in other high-risk situations, such as reflective protective clothing.
Furthermore, it does not cover protection for the head, hands, and feet and protection against other hazards such as chemical, biological, radiological, and electrical hazards and the hazards met during chemical and gas cleaning operations.

Within the standard, there are two levels and several physical tests as described below:

• Level 1 is the lower protection level.
• Level 2 is the higher protection level used by professionally trained firefighters and must include a breathable, waterproof moisture barrier.

1. Xf1 or Xf2 refers to Convective Heat Transfer
2. Xr1 and Xr2 refers to Radiant Heat Transfer
3. Y1 or Y 2 refers to Water Penetration Resistance
4. Z1 or Z 2 refers to Water Vapour Resistance.

Convective Heat Transfer
This test determines how long it will take to raise the temperature of the fabric using convective heat moving from the outer to the inner surface, such as steam.
Even if there is no visible fire, convective heat moves through the air.

Heat Transfer Via Radiation
This test will determine how long it will take to raise the temperature of a cloth using heat from a radiant heat source, such as blazing flames or hot items travelling from the outside to the inner surface.

Radiant heat is affected by the colour of the clothing; for example, a lighter-coloured fire suit will provide more radiant protection than a dark-coloured suit.

Resistance to Water Penetration - Y1 or Y2
Z1 or Z2 Water Vapour Resistance

These tests determine the level (1 or 2) of protection supplied against the transfer of water droplets as well as the fabric's breathability
The waterproof and breathable qualities will keep the inner layer dry, reducing the transmission of heat from the outer fabric to the inner layer, which might result in a burn to the user.


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