WHAT IS - ISO 20471:2013?

WHAT IS - ISO 20471:2013?

Posted by Helen Wood on behalf of Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 18th Nov 2021

WHAT IS - ISO 20471:201?

The ISO 20471
The ISO 20471:2013 standard sets the standards for high visibility clothing that can visibly convey the user's presence. The high visibility apparel is designed to make the wearer visible in any light situation when observed by operators of cars or other mechanical equipment during daylight hours and in the dark under the illumination of headlights.
Colour and retroreflection, as well as the minimum regions and placement of materials in protective apparel, are all performance requirements.

Why was ISO 20471
In industries where a major percentage of the job is performed near traffic, cranes, or other motorised vehicles, high-visibility workwear is a must. It's also necessary for employees performing overnight operations or operating in low-light environments. Hi-vis clothing's main purpose is to make the user shine out against the surroundings so that they can be seen from all sides. This lowers the likelihood of mishaps in potentially dangerous situations. Because hi-vis clothing is so important for worker safety, it's critical that certain clothes, such as vests, t-shirts, polo shirts, trousers, and jackets, are EN ISO 20471 certified.

When was ISO 20471 introduced?

The hi-vis was designed by Bob Switzer, an American whose dreams of becoming a doctor were dashed after he was injured in a workplace accident in the 1930s. He created a fluorescent paint while recovering before designing the first item of high-visibility apparel out of his wife's bridal gown.
In 1964, railway maintenance employees in Glasgow tried using high vis for the first time. Its spread was secured by the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and the 1992 Personal Protective Equipment at Work laws, both of which compelled bosses to safeguard against potential workplace risks.

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