Woodchippers Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes.

Woodchippers Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes.

Posted by Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd on 24th Aug 2021

Making Yard Cleaning Simple

Woodchippers are a powerful addition to any landscape tools collection. Having your own chipper may make your life so much easier when you have frequent woody brush and hedge trimming, tree pruning, and forest clean-up to do. Purchasing one is also far less expensive than renting one, and the material production that is produced from it is ideal for composting and mulching, saving you even more money overall.

Smaller electric versions for a general yard clean-up, as well as larger, portable ones for vast landscapes, are among the many varieties of woodchippers available. Continue reading to discover about the many jobs that these distinct models' options can manage for you.

Defined Woodchippers

Shot on white of an electric wood shredder with wood chips for garden mulching. Regular landscape care detritus is easily disposed of with woodchippers and woodchipper/shredders. Brush, leaves, and branches can be swiftly turned into something that can be used to protect plant beds or composted.

These electric and petrol-powered choices, which come in any size, employ an engine to power a belt and saw-like teeth that ‘eat' through the woody materials you feed it. Wood chips and mulch are then delivered from the other end for use in the garden.

How do Woodchippers Operate?

The motor, the driving belt, the impeller, and the chute are the four essential components of a woodchipper. In a chipper, the crankshaft is driven by either a petrol or electric engine. The clutch engages the crankshaft, which moves the drive belt.

The impeller is placed in motion when the drive belt starts to rotate. The impeller is equipped with chopping blades or knives, which supply the necessary power to shred and chip the materials fed through the feed aperture as it spins. The chopped materials are discharged from the chute which is usually guided to the specific location where the waste product is needed.

The Benefits of Owning a Woodchipper

Woodchippers are often misunderstood as being only for business use, with many unaware of the variety of models available for domestic usage. Your trimmings can be readily disposed of if you have any bushes, shrubs, or hedges that require regular care. This is also true of the leaves that fall in the autumn and cover your yard. High wind areas often leave behind dead and fallen twigs and branches, which can be quickly chipped away.

Many individuals rake and pile these trimmings for curb side pickup, but this service may not be available in all places, and it can be time-consuming. If the waste from a chipper is small enough, it can be spread over lawns as a nutrient-rich feed, added to compost piles, or even used to mulch your gardens.


If you just need a chipper once or twice a year, there are many garden centres that hire them out at reasonable rates. Many times, these are charged by the day; nevertheless, with the extensive range of buying alternatives available, you may find that a machine is worth investing in and will save you money in the long term. You should also think about storage, which is something worth investigating further.

Investing in a Woodchipper

As previously said, there are numerous chipper models to choose from, giving homeowners plenty of options to consider before making a purchase. These are also available in a variety of price ranges, and most people find that having one on hand may be useful, especially for those with large gardens to upkeep.

Woodchippers Powered by a Petrol Engine vs. Electric Woodchippers

Your power source will be one of the first differences in models you encounter. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to consider when it comes to various model types, which you should evaluate before making any final purchasing decisions.

Woodchippers Powered by Electricity

Electric woodchippers require less maintenance than petrol-powered chippers, but they do require a power source to run via an extension lead. This does limit where you may use the machine due to the length of the connection, but these devices are lightweight and often portable. Much more so than a petrol-powered model.

In addition, they are often less expensive than their petrol engine counterparts and are more compact for storage. They cannot, however, manage as much or as huge a volume of material as many petrol engine-powered chippers can. They are quieter to run, making them ideal for urban environments.

Woodchippers Powered by Petrol

Petrol-powered chippers, which are powered by 4-cycle engines, require frequent petrol, oil, and engine maintenance. This does not take a long time because the engine is simple and straightforward to work with. They are also available in a wider range of sizes to manage everything from little to large woody waste. They may not be as portable or as easily stowed as their electric equivalents, but they are not restricted in terms of where they may be used if you can get them there.

Shredder vs. Chipper

Some of the greatest chippers combine chipper and shredded functions, but first you must understand the distinction. Chippers are made to handle branches with a diameter of half an inch and up (three inches is usually a good average for homeowner marketed machines, with commercial chippers able to manage much larger branches). These chip the wood into a mulch-like mixture that may be dispersed or disposed of easily.

Small branches and twigs, as well as leafy debris, are shredded by shredders. These tiny particles should not be fed into a chipper because they can clog the machine and need specialised workings to shred the debris instead of chipping it. A shredder or combination machine is the ideal option if you have a lot of fine materials to dispose of.

Hyundai Woodchippers

The entire range of Hyundai Petrol Chipper-Shredders are available from Pressure Pump Solutions Ltd. In Yorkshire.

Our extensive range of petrol chipper-shredders covers everything from home-use versions to heavy-duty professional machines.

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The Conclusion

The needs of your properties upkeep should be considered while choosing a woodchipper. You may not be able to manage the tiny cuttings/leaves with a machine that is too large.

You may not be able to chip down larger branches and tree pruning’s with a machine that is too small.

Furthermore, electric and petrol driven-powered models each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and should be examined for use based on where you live and how much power you need and the type of work you expect the machine to cope with..

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