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Hyundai Earth Auger | Earth Borer | Drill

The Hyundai 52cc Petrol Earth Auger, Borer and Drill | HYEA5200X

A 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine with quick recoil start powers the Hyundai HYEA5200X 52CC Fence Post Auger.

This engine driven Fence Post Auger is particularly suited for rough and solid soil. The HYEA5200X, also known as a post hole digger, post hole borer, or fence post auger, is ideal for installing fence posts, post holes, trees, plants, and foundation stumps for both home and professional use.


It comes with three interchangeable steel drill attachments with diameters of 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm to do professional-grade work quickly.


The steel drill bit attachments are easily changed thanks to the quick-action mechanism. With intuitive control at your fingertips and gear reduction for improved drilling performance, this Fence Post Hole Borer is ideal. 

A fully enclosed anti-vibration system is required for extended usage durations to alleviate stress and strain on the operator's arms and back. The HYEA5200X engine is equipped with easy-start technology, making it easier to pull and start. Its heavy-duty air filter provides extended engine life for even the roughest drills. 


It's dependable and straightforward to get started. The HYEA5200X has an oversized vibration-reducing handlebar that allows you complete control of the auger's level and depth.  Drilling operations are a breeze with the Hyundai HYEA5200X 52CC Fence Post Borer


A durable steel structure offers long-term dependability, ease of use, and simple maintenance. Full spares are available to keep your earth auger running well for years to come. The right-hand grip has the on/off switch, fingertip throttle control, and safety trigger, allowing for simple, accurate, and safe operation.


Warranty: Covered by a three-year HYUNDAI warranty.

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