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Hyundai Cordless Garden Machinery

Hyundai Cordless Garden Machinery

With our extensive selection of cordless, battery-powered lawn gear, you'll be able to maintain your yard trimmed and neat without having to deal with tangled connections or stale petrol and mixing oil.

All of our cordless garden tools, including grass trimmers, self-propelled lawn mowers, and hedge trimmers, powered by Lithium-Ion batteries, allow adequate time to complete the task on a single charge efficiently. Our single 40v battery runs our complete range of cordless garden machinery. Therefore, doing away with the need to buy different batteries, providing you with more run time.

Our cordless garden machinery collection offers a terrific value and fuss-free solution for keeping your garden looking ideal, providing a safe, clean, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly alternative to petrol and electric-powered garden machinery.


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