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Hyundai Cordless Lawn Mowers

Hyundai Cordless Lawn Mowers | 40v Lithium-ion Battery-Powered Cordless Lawn Mower

With a 40v lithium-ion battery-powered cordless lawn mower from the UK's leading lawnmower manufacturer, you can invest in the newest garden technology for your lawn.

You can say goodbye to tangled wires and extension cords with our range of Hyundai cordless lawnmowers. Our battery-powered mowers are super-lightweight and provide all the power you need to save time and get a fantastic finish.

They're better for the environment without the mess of petrol and spark plugs to slow you down! 

If mowing the grass isn't your thing, there's even an autonomous, self-charging innovative robotic lawn mower - the ultimate time savings without sacrificing quality!

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