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Hyundai Power Weeder | Yard Sweeper

Hyundai Power Weeder | Yard Sweeper

Grab yourself a Hyundai Power Weeder or Yard Sweeper for cleaning footpaths, hard surfaces, yards, community areas and more - quick and efficient petrol equipment for ground care.
Hyundai Yard Sweepers will keep your home or premises looking spotless. Clear leaves, manure, waste, and debris from paths, driveways, forecourts, artificial grass, farmyards, parks, lawns, leisure centres, car parks, industries, agricultural settings, community spaces and any other open surface quickly and easily.

Our Hyundai Engine Powered Weeders, designed for comprehensive area clearing, are a novel approach to clear weeds from areas and walkways with minimum effort.

Our Power Weeders, which are suitable for yards, driveways, garden walks, and car parks, can help keep your property looking pristine by eradicating weeds before they take root and may even extend the life of your area. 

Like the rest of our Hyundai Garden Machinery, our Engine Powered Weeders and Yard Sweepers come with a three-year platinum warranty and are delivered FREE to UK mainland addresses 

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