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Hyundai Woodchippers | Garden Shredderss

Hyundai Woodchippers | Garden Shredders

Our range of heavy-duty Hyundai woodchippers and garden shredders are available in fuel and corded electric variations.

Powerful Hyundai engines drive our petrol versions for chipping more significant pieces of wood. Because they are cordless, you may use them anywhere in your yard or estate without being constrained by cord length. Our time tested Hyundai electric motors power our garden products. With our electric versions, you won't have to worry about running out of oil or petrol; plug them in and get started in your garden.

Some of our wood chipping models also include a built-in collecting box, which stores all of your wood chippings in one place and allows you to dispose of them quickly.  All of our machines are robust and are capable of swiftly and simply shredding wood into chippings.

Chipping your wood will allow you to fit far more of it into your garbage or compost bin. You may also use chippings in your garden to eliminate weeds in flowerpots or beds and keep moisture in the soil.

Our woodchippers, like all of our Hyundai Garden Machinery products, come with a three-year platinum guarantee for your peace of mind and are delivered Free within the UK mainland.




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