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Diesel Pressure Washers

Diesel Pressure Washers | Jet Washer Sales

Our Hyundai Diesel Pressure Washers are built to tackle the most demanding cleaning jobs.

These diesel pressure washers are a fantastic alternative to Hyundai's established petrol pressure washer series, thanks to the power of the Hyundai diesel engine and the Annovi Reverberi (AR) pump.

Hyundai Power Washers are available for household and commercial usage, depending on your cleaning needs and whether you want to clean your car, patio, house, or driveway. 

Our pressure washers feature a range of flow rates, from high-pressure jet washers to lesser flow rates, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging cleaning jobs.  We even have a selection of Hot Pressure Washers that can cut through tough grease, oil, and heavy filth at an industrial level to produce a bright, sparkling finish.

Shop and choose from our huge range of diesel pressure washers for sale in the UK 

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