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Portable Space Heaters

The most common type of diesel space heater is a direct fired device, which can run on diesel or kerosene. These types of space heaters are appropriate for heating a large, well-ventilated area.  Please choose from our range of Industrial Space Heaters for a low-cost solution to keep your workshop or warehouse warm no matter what the weather is like outside.

These heaters are an economical and practical alternative for keeping working environments warm and comfortable during the autumn and winter months. They are ideal for heating large open or well-ventilated rooms.

Our portfolio provides space heaters for well-ventilated workshops and garages, farms, outdoor events, industries, and warehouses.

Our range of industrial space heaters can operate on white/red diesel or kerosene to save money. It will keep your staff and clients warm during cold spells to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Our space heaters include thermostatic controls for hassle-free heating and will keep the temperature set. without the need for human involvement throughout the day.

For instance:
Farmers, haulage companies, garages, and engineering workshops are common users. They are completely efficient since they produce direct heat.

This sort of heater is NOT suited for marquee functions or events since exhaust fumes are combined with the heated air and may produce an odour as well as a gas build-up.

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