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Hyundai Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Our range of Hyundai Vacuum Cleaners make difficult cleaning jobs easier and faster, and they come with everything required to get started cleaning right away. 


Take the Electric Ash Vac, Vacuum Cleaner, Stove, BBQ, and Firepit. 

Hyundai's HYVI2012H ash vacuum cleaner is excellent for cleaning fireplaces, stoves, BBQs, and fire pits after cooling rapidly and dust-free. Powered by a 1200w by-pass air cooled Hyundai electric motor.  


Hyundai vacuums' lightweight, upright cylinder shape makes them easy to manoeuvre for a spotless clean all over. 

The vacuum cleaners' firm plastic wheels enable them to slide effortlessly across the floor for optimum mobility.

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